Our Approach

The Elysian mission is to provide you with the finest and most uplifting of environments, so you’ll never need to compromise on feeling as excited and carefree as you have always been. We see it as our duty to ensure that you continue to live with joy and confidence.

We want you to be able to spend your later years in your own beautifully appointed home, released from routine, with the confidence you will always receive the exceptional service and support you deserve in an environment designed for you.

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Life at the Landsby in Lockdown

Hear our homeowners tell their stories of life in lockdown at the Landsby

Live life on your own terms

Imagine a residence which combines the best aspects of a luxury apartment block, a private-members club and a truly great hotel.

Imagine it set in one of London’s most desirable and green areas but just a short distance from the heart of town.

Now imagine that within this residence is an extraordinary new concept: All the amenities, staff, expertise and flexibility to respond to your needs should they change over time.

The Oren is all about challenging perceptions of how older generations live, or wish to live, their lives.

After all, why after a lifetime of building a home, a family, an existence rich in comfort, joy and fulfilment, should you compromise or settle for anything less than you deserve?

This is The Oren.

Coronavirus update

With government restrictions lifted, we continue to take precautions to protect the health of our customers and teams. Please call us on 020 3143 8876 or enquire to find out how we are keeping everyone safe.
Image for The Oren lifestyle

The Oren lifestyle

Our vision for The Oren was to combine all the best aspects of a luxury apartment block, a private-members’ club and a truly great hotel.
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Image for Hampstead, life enriched

Hampstead, life enriched

Perfectly situated amongst the lush greenery of Hampstead, The Oren is one of the most ideal locations from which to lead a full and rich London life.
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Image for Elysian care

Elysian care

A natural extension of our staff’s matchless service day-to-day, is the additional healthcare, assistance and support that is also at your disposal should your needs alter in any way over time.
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Image for Design for living

Design for living

Conceived by Elysian Residences and designed by one of London’s premier architects, with its understated elegance and timeless style, The Oren is set to become the new local landmark.
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