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‘Love, like youth,’ Sinatra once sang, ‘is wasted on the young.’

We wouldn’t go that far, but we do believe that later life should be just as full of possibilities as one’s early years.

To this end, we continually curate a daily and weekly programme of cultural, physical, educational and social experiences both in and outside of The Oren.

(Rest assured; none of these will be imposed on you. At The Oren you can be as social or as private as you wish).

If you should feel the urge, however, there are art classes, bridge nights, lectures, concerts, yoga, wine-tastings and numerous external activities to indulge in. And we’re more than happy to create other experiences organised around your own personal preferences.

Our expert team, your personal staff

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The Oren is staffed by a superbly well-trained team whose purpose it is to attend to your needs and requirements – and make certain that every day is not just another day, but an experience.

Your personal on-call chef

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Even if you’re a major gastronome who loves discovering new London restaurants, you’ll still want the occasional night in.

And if you don’t feel like preparing something for yourself, The Oren has the answer: a full-service, in-house restaurant with private chefs and a ‘Theatre Kitchen’ for a truly ‘interactive’ dining experience.
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We also hold regular cooking workshops, and there’s a private dining room available to hire for special occasions or dinners in the most elegant surroundings: prepared by a chef, or by your good self if you so wish.

This, typically, is how all staff at The Oren work: always attentive, always here for you, whatever your personal hospitality needs.

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