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Life lived on your terms.

Our vision for the Landsby was to combine all the best aspects of a luxury apartment block, a private-members’ club and a truly great hotel.

To that end, impeccable service was always at the head of our priority list. Because only when you are guaranteed immaculate, seamless and charming service can you truly live life on your own terms. And you can expect the same level of service and attentiveness if and when your needs change over time.

George Bernard Shaw said: "We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”
We couldn’t agree more.

Our expert team, your personal staff

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The Landsby is staffed by a superbly well-trained team whose purpose it is to attend to your needs and requirements – and make certain that every day is not just another day, but an experience.

Your chef, your restaurant

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Even though each Landsby apartment has its own expertly designed kitchen, and even if you regularly dine out at your own favourite restaurants, a night in at the Landsby’s restaurant is a gastronomic experience in itself.

The menus here are ever-changing, but the Head Chef is more than happy to take your individual requests as well as devise special meals for a party in the private dining room.
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Like the rest of the community, our cookery courses offer unique, social experiences, making food of various cultures (including your own!).

Experiences at the Landsby

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We believe that life should be a continual journey of discovery, with each stage just as full of possibilities as the one before.

So we curate daily and weekly programmes of cultural, physical, educational and social experiences, both within and outside the Landsby.

Of course, you’re free to take part or not take part as you choose. (By this stage in your life, we’re sure you’re pretty certain of what you do and don’t like).
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But should you at any time feel like expanding your mind, broadening your horizons or even stretching yourself physically, there’s a panoply of experiences at your disposal.

Art classes, yoga, wine-tastings, cookery courses, theatre trips, lectures: these are just some of the experiences you can indulge in if you wish.

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