Landsby's Owners Guide

First and foremost, your Elysian residence is a home of your own, it’s also a whole lot more…

An Elysian residence is a high-quality lateral apartment with a private balcony or terrace. The generously apportioned apartments have been designed by a leading UK architect and overseen by the leading international architect with international experience in designing over 600 housing projects suitable for people’s changing needs as they age.

It is however also the opportunity to benefit from the use of extensive social areas and access to a lifestyle that couldn’t be supported in a traditional

home. This is your chance to live in your own home, with all the luxury of a great hotel on your doorstep. From the moment you move in, you will experience the empowering lifestyle and community. And importantly, you and your family will know that the safety net is there if it is ever needed.

Living in an Elysian residence goes beyond living in a traditional home and the cost of ownership is also different from that of a traditional home purchase.

What are you paying for?

Upfront Purchase Price
An upfront purchase price for your apartment.
Service Charge
A service charge, which varies according to the size of your apartment, covers the cost of running the building, including communal utilities, staffing, etc.
Exit Fee
This fee will be paid when your apartment is sold on. The payment is used to cover building repairs and maintenance, replacement of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (such as lifts) for the communal areas.

As everyone is different, Elysian Residences has devised a choice of ownership model to suit your personal and financial preferences. All of our ownership models ensure that the physical costs associated with building, maintaining and running Elysian Residences are covered for the long-term, so you can feel comfortable that the quality of facilities and services will be maintained to the same level as the day you moved in.

You will never get an invoice from us for upkeep of the building, common areas, or your apartment. This is because, regardless of the option that you choose, Elysian Residences will retain a financial interest in the value of your apartment when the time comes to sell. In other words, Elysian

Residences and you are fully aligned in ensuring the absolute maximum amount from the sale of your apartment. We very much see this relationship as a partnership. Our role in this partnership is to maintain your facilities and services to the highest standards for the long-term. Your role is to enjoy them.

At Elysian Residences we understand that our ownership model is likely to be new to you and
we take very seriously our responsibility for explaining the details of this to you in the most transparent way possible. We believe the best way to do this is face to face and we would ask that you please therefore register your interest with one of our sales team by filling in your details:

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