Elysian Lifestyle

You will enjoy a beautiful private home with your own front door, favourite furniture and treasured possessions. But if you do wish for some company, there is a vibrant community right on your doorstep.

At Elysian Residences, we focus on creating a happy and positive environment in which you are free to live life on your terms. Our goal is an ambitious one, to make your years living in your Elysian Residence apartment the best years of your life, by creating the most fulfilling living environment that you could possibly ask for.  What’s more, the concierge and the 24-hour reception mean there is always someone to help arrange an event or sort a problem, day or night.


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The Elysian Residences lifestyle offers a variety of amenities and experiences for you to enjoy either alone or with friends. Our concierge is there to take the hassle out of organising events and excursions, and is available 24 hours a day. Guided walks and expert talks, art classes and spa treatments, movie nights and cocktail parties – there are activities to suit all interests and all personalities.
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You may prefer to relax with a fresh coffee and a good book in the lobby, invite friends over or Skype the family (with experts on hand to help with any technical issues). At Elysian Residences food is at the heart of what we do and there is always a delicious option whatever your mood.
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The excellent restaurant and professional chef provide a fresh and delicious menu which will change each week. We can also help take the stress out of hosting social events.

Why not invite friends and family over for a fully catered dinner party in the private dining room or even within your apartment? If they want to stay the night, there is even a guest suite on-site.

Elysian Care

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We understand that care needs can change over time and our residences are equipped to provide peace of mind.

Our care philosophy provides care assistants as and when you need them, along with being able to arrange nurses if you require. We also have consultation rooms for visiting doctors and therapists, beauticians and nutritionists, offering expert advice on staying healthy, and happy.
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Whilst we would hope you won’t need their help on a daily basis, our care team are trained to provide expert care discreetly in the comfortable surroundings of your apartment.

Care provision can be tailored upwards or downwards to meet your needs, particularly if those needs change over time. We provide a safety net, and take away worry and concern – for you and your family.
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Elysian designs its residences to be stimulating active places, where people live their lives to the full and where a discreet helping hand is always there if required.

Ann Webster works for One Eighty at their Oceanside residence and already has plans to move in when she finally retires.